Friday, March 16, 2012

The Point and the Circle

As long as spirit does not enter matter to bring it to life, matter remains inert, formless. Spirit can be symbolized by a point, and matter by a circle around this point. Cosmic Intelligence has placed this figure, the circle with a central point, everywhere: in fruit, where the flesh surrounds the stone or pips; in eyes; on certain parts of men’s and women’s anatomy; it even matches the structure of the cell, of the atom and of the solar system… 

You will see this symbol everywhere. All of life, all of creation, is contained in the symbol of the circle, with its central point, cosmic Spirit, giving life to the universe. Initiates, who have understood the power of this symbol, seek only to possess this point – the spirit – within themselves. And each of us, too, is a circle that must seek this central point, the Holy Spirit. 

As long as we are still a circle without a point, we will remain in confusion, in a vacuum, in chaos. But as soon as this point, the Spirit, comes to settle within us to bring us life and light, we shall find fulfilment and become creators.

~Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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