Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Sacred Bee

"When men in olden times made candles of the beeswax and lighted them, they knew that they performed a wonderful and sacred action... "This wax which we now burn we took from the hive; there it was hardened. When the fire melts it and it evaporates, then the wax passes into the same condition in which it is within our own bodies."

In the melting wax of the candle men once apprehended something that rises up to the heavens, something that was also within their own bodies. This awoke a devotional mood in them, and this mood in its turn led them to look upon a bee as an especially sacred creature, because it prepares something which man must continually work out within himself. For this reason, the further back we go the more we find how men approached the bees with reverence. Of course, this was when they were still in their wild state ; men found it so, and they looked upon these things as a revelation. Later they brought the bees into their household."

- Steiner -Lectures on Bees

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