Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sword of Truth


And the inner most shrine
is the shrine of 'I'.
And when the Truth-seeker
storms this citadel,
bearing the sword of Truth,
he slays himself:
his head bows and falls.


Another emerges,
triumphant, joyous, free.
Not self, but Being;
the tremulous Awareness
not the historical personality,
but the creative movement of silence.

--Sri Ramana--


V said...

Love is not self-seeking.

Sophia said...

Love can’t be hid by hiding.

-Indian proverb

V said...

'I' as in Intelligence.
Intelligence cannot be hidden. It expresses itself. Love is action or non-action.

Shubhajit said...

Love has no motive. Nothing to gain, nothing to loose. recognize the I is the most difficult part of our life and in fact the only goal of human birth other things are ancillary.

But how we can discriminate between I and i?

Sophia said...

When i is not,
I is.