Monday, March 23, 2009

Always Be a Beginner

If the angel deigns to come, it will be because you have convinced him, not by tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning: to be a beginner.
-Rainer Maria Rilke


V said...

You are my angel! Among other things. ;)

Sophia said...

That's funny, I could've sworn that I saw you had wings....

Could it be
That you saw
Yourself in me?

V said...

Angels love action. But they have no will of their own. And action is love.
Love simply acts.

V said...

Angels don't hide from each other. ;)

Sophia said...

Everyone has the potential to be an angel.

If we all had wings, maybe we could hold on to each other and use our wings to fly in order to lift the world back up to heaven.

V said...

Angels have no will. Just wings.

Sophia said...





No ego.

Just duty.

V said...

Not attaching,
not detaching,
not worrying,
just being,

not needy,
not greedy,
not callous,
not becoming,
not afraid