Friday, February 6, 2009

The Philosopher's Stone

Prosveta Publishing is pleased to offer you the Daily Meditation for this 2008-11-09.

"Each time you make use of light and heat, each time you act with
wisdom and love, you form the philosopher’s stone inside you,
which transmutes all matter into gold. And that’s when you
become a true alchemist. So you do not have to look for the
philosopher’s stone anywhere other than inside yourself, for
there is no philosopher’s stone more powerful than the spirit.
The day you attain that state of consciousness where you feel
your spirit, your higher self, is an immortal, eternal
principle, an indestructible entity travelling through space and
penetrating every place, you will understand there is nothing
more important than to use this power to work on matter, your
own matter, to purify it, vivify it and enliven it.
The philosopher’s stone is this spiritual quintessence which
transforms everything into gold, into light, in yourself first
of all but also in all the creatures around you, for all things
increase and multiply. This is the sublime dimension of the
philosopher’s stone."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Anonymous said...

Amazingly we discover that life is an unending quest for meaning.
Just when we think we have arrived,
another path presents itself and we most follow it as we continue.

Hopefully each experience helps us grow in wisdom.

rob said...

Nice reminder of what is truly important in our lives.

Sophia said...

Hi Reverie,

What an amazing adventure this is!

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

Indeed it is. :)