Friday, February 13, 2009

Acquiring Psychic Powers

No one can claim that he is a true psychic unless he uses all his powers and abilities for the service of humanity and for the fulfillment of the Hierarchical Plan.
All psychic powers that some individuals have cultivated by mechanical ways and means will increase the suffering and pain on earth, if the foundation of their power is not the unfoldment of the Divine Presence in them. This unfoldment expresses itself as pure intelligence and an all embracing love and the power to keep the personality in line with the spiritual goals.

It is very interesting to know that higher psychic powers are concealed in higher mysteries. They cannot be taken by our endeavors, or efforts, but they can be given to us if we are able to stand at the portals and knock on the doors. Those who give us the higher powers at the time of our initiation into higher mysteries meet in council, check our past records, see our future, and only then, if agreed, bestow higher powers upon us. To have higher powers means to be connected with higher centers of energy.
This is exactly the opposite of the cravings of those who sit and wait for psychic development and prepare many future incarnations for themselves full of pain, suffering, and frustration.
In the real spiritual evolution, you cannot enter into the higher mysteries until you are considered worthy by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the Head of which is Christ.
This does not mean that we will wait and not strive. It means just the opposite. We must purify our physical, emotional and mental life, engage ourselves in sacrificial service, prove to ourselves that we are deeply interested in the welfare of one humanity, live a creative life, and expand our consciousness through meditation and service - and soon we will find ourselves led to the door of the Mysteries. At that stage the electrical network has been organized in us. They will turn the switches on if we are worthy to pass through the gate. It is very interesting to know that at the gate we will be enlightened to such a degree that we will see for ourselves if we are worthy to enter.

One may ask, "How did the followers of the left hand path, such as the Black Magicians, develop psychic powers?" The answer is that the Black Lodge, seeing that some people cultivated enough indifference to the sufferings of humanity, bestowed on them the astral and mental equivalents of machine guns, poison gases, chemical weapons, atomic bombs, powers that can violate privacy, insecticides, pesticides, and other such powers and taught them how to use these.
The point I want to stress is that the powers of the Black Magicians are not the result of their unfoldment. But the power of the White Magician is the extension of his True Self. The White Magician wins. The White Magician earns his powers. The Black Magician receives them. The White Magician does the work with his own powers. The Black Magician works with the power of the Black Lodge and its servants. That is why, when the Black Lodge takes away the power from a Black Magician, he becomes an ordinary man, but when a White Magician develops his powers, no power can take them away. His powers are parts of the Self.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to Higher Psychism)

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The sorrow called Power. The desire to be powerful and to use power.