Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Hidden Oneness

"According to Kabbalah, God has hidden Himself, His oneness, from us so that we can find it, realize it, and experience it. However, since you and I are sparks of God, it is as if God were hiding Himself from an aspect of Himself. Therefore, our journey in search of the One is on behalf of the One and for the sake of the One. Our job is to serve God in His process of self-reflection and knowledge. We have been put in this world of hiddenness to find the Divine in us, to discover that we are souls — sparks of the Divine, act accordingly and thereby reflect God's oneness.

As we elevate ourselves spiritually through the worlds of greater and greater perspective, we will uncover more and more the truth of God's oneness beyond the either/or. We will realize more and more that the many are included within the oneness and permeated by it. And we will experience the ecstasy of love.

This is the journey of our lives. This is the journey God has sent us on. This is our divine mission—to become a living reflection of God, reveal the hidden One, and realize love."

— David Aaron (The Secret Life of God:
Discovering the Divine within You)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like moer eastern new age crap. So God is perfect but he hides himself from himself!?! And then our mission is to see ones self as a living reflection of God? Huh? No offense but I think David Aaron is a moron. It seems like all someone has to do these days is use the word 'love' three times in one sentence and all the silly new age people people with all their deep emotional problems flock like fat people to a free buffet. It doesn't matter anymore if the spirituality makes sense, it just has to sound good to stupid people that are lost.

Sophia said...


Thank you for your comment and for speaking honestly about how you feel.

Can you tell me what you mean by "lost"?

Also, what makes sense?

Anonymous said...

To answer your question lost means someone that cannot find spiritual truth and has to do the next best thing and fabricate it. Fabricated truth is just a lie in disguise. It sounds good and sometimes makes tears well up in your eyes but it's still a lie. Most lies today start with the word love. Love is a buzz word used by spiritual liars who like to trick the gullible into buying books and attending seminars.

How could I tell you what makes sense when you are already enslaved by the words and beliefs of others and still unable to make up your own mind?

Sophia said...

Is there a human alive that knows all the truth?

I am not enslaved by anything. I only go by what I feel and experience. I have little knowledge of the spiritual realm and I will probably spend the rest of my life - long or short - exploring and doing what I can to grow.

A friend once said that, "There are as many religions and beliefs as there are people."

Of course I would like to hear what makes sense to you. How do you know it won't make sense to me?